Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast

Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast

Episode #015 The Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast features DulcimerCrossing co-founder Steve Eulberg


Wayne Jiang and Patricia Delich host this informative conversation with players of the mountain dulcimer across the country and across genres.  This edition features samples of music from several of Steve’s recordings:

• Black Tail Weasel from the CD Old School Old Time (2012)
• Spotted Pony from the CD Old School Old Time (2012)
• Dancing with Wu-Li from the CD I Celebrate Life! (2005)
• Seton Sands from the CD I Celebrate Life! (2005)
• I Lift Up My Eyes (Ps121) from the CD Dulcimer-Friendly Worship, Vol 2: A Service of Evening Prayer (2000)
• Soaring: Steve Eulberg and Erin Mae Lewis (2014) Live performance
• Boil ‘Em Cabbage Down from the CD Old School Old Time (2012)
• Waly, Waly from the CD Soaring (2001)

Click on the image above (or here) to listen to the podcast or find it in the iTunes Store.


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Playing with a Backing Track

Playing with a Backing Track

Steve Eulberg demonstrates the beginning of a new Lesson Series at  Playing Mountain Dulcimer with a Blues Backing Track from the Premium Membership part of the website.

He will demonstrate the Pentatonic Minor Box and how to move it around the fretboard to find the notes that will work for playing Blues in the key of E on an instrument tuned to DAd.

(He also describes this process in his book, Playing Blues on the Mountain Dulcimer, which is available for sale on his website here:  OR, Free to his Patrons on Patreon here.)


Backing Tracks Library

Backing Tracks Library

Here is a view of the new Backing Tracks Library which is a resource at for Premium Members.

Backing tracks are a way to play along with a “band” while not having to worry about any egos (yours or theirs!) or other people who are going to get knocked off track when you make an error.  (You’ll notice I didn’t say “if”!)

Steve uses these to get comfortable making and recovering from the errors and slips that inevitably come when playing music.  And sometimes, these “happy accidents” provide new inspiration and ideas!

Each track has an .mp3 file that you can play and hear, in addition, there is a pdf tablature with chord charts, an occasional melody line, sometimes some suggested scales to use.  They are in several keys, tunings, genres and tempo styles.


Want to get started with this new learning tool?  Join now and choose the Premium Option and you’ll get the access you want for the support you need.


Scenes from the 28th CWA Congress

Scenes from the 28th CWA Congress

In many parts of the Europe, the hammered version of the dulcimer is known as a Cimbalom.

The Cimbalom World Association (CWA) held its 28th Congress in the UK, sponsored by the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club.  This gathering brings players of hammered dulcimers, yangqin, cimbalom, hackbrett, salterio and santurs together for what one can imagine is an amazing musical time!


The 2017 CWA Gathering will be held in the Slovak Republic (formerly Slovakia, part of Czechoslavakia).

Here are concert highlights from Mother-Daughter duet on Cimbalom at this year’s gathering.  Anna Muckova (daughter) plays first, then her mother (and teacher), Magdalena Muckova, joins her for some traditional playing and singing.  The Muckovas are from the Czech Republic.

The 29th CWA Assembly is scheduled for September 2017.  Membership in the CWA is open to any interested person.  Join CWA Here.


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Habits From The Muse

Habits From The Muse

The Music Lesson

by Steve Eulberg

This new promised resource is now available to you here!

Habits from the Muse is a short, weekly email sent to your in-box, with ideas, suggestions and tidbits we’ve collected to help support your daily practice of music.

We all know that habits come from repetition and that habits, once set, are hard to break.

Our intention is to help you set some good habits in place, habits to help you make progress toward your musical goals!

Sign up here (We don’t share your email!) and get supported today!


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DulcimerCrossing Live Event Concert Window Highlight

DulcimerCrossing Live Event Concert Window Highlight

We are starting a NEW thing in 2016!

LIVE EVENTS from our Instructors and other Mentors.

Last night our co-founder, Steve Eulberg, offered the Inaugural DulcimerCrossing Live Event using the Platform.

Below is a Highlight Video from that show.

We will be offering these Live Events on a Quarterly Basis for our Basic Membership level.

Steve also announced last night that we are offering a PREMIUM LEVEL MEMBERSHIP which will include these kinds of LIVE EVENTS on a Monthly Basis, in addition to:

  1.  Access to Backing Tracks for practicing melody and improvisational playing
  2.  Habits from the Muse–Short, Weekly emails to help support your daily engagement and practice of your music
  3.  Habits for Your Healthy Music Habitat–Short, one-minute Videos from Teachers and Mentors with their tips, morsels and tidbits to help you develop the heatlhy habits for your daily music practice.

That is TEN (count’em) (10) MORE things a month for only $5 more dollars= $24.95 a month PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION.

We are working feverishly on the whole site to get it ready for this new overhaul, so keep your eyes peeled and check the payment page beginning Feb 1, 2016 to see the big changes.


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I Wonder as I Wander (DAC) by Steve Eulberg

I Wonder as I Wander (DAC) by Steve Eulberg

Steve Eulberg has long been taken by this traditional American tune from Appalachia, collected and added to by John Jacob Niles.

Here Steve introduces the tune and tells the story and describes how to tune for the Aeolian mode, in which this tune resides.

Here is the lesson set.

Subscribe to to see the rest of the lesson!




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